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Everyone please, Big Data needs reflection

Every year during the summer the news stream here in Scandinavia is heavily impacted by what we locals call ‘Agurketid’ (red. Cucumber Season), which is a time of year when the media seemingly have nothing to report on, so they cover silly little (and sometimes pointless) stories. There are many reasons for that, but regardless, … Continue reading

Data…Who Cares?! Part two

Part two In my previous post I argued that the term “Data” is a barrier to linking Business Processes and Business Rules to … well “Business Data” and that as a consequence of this “missing link” it is difficult to involve the business (and not IT) as the key responsible for “Business Data”. We have … Continue reading

Data…Who Cares?! Part one

Part One There is no “Data”. There is only and always “Business Data”. Why this distinction? Well truth be told, “Data” is not sexy. It carries the geeky scent of IT. Nobody talks about “Processes” or “Rules”; it is always “Business Processes” or “Business Rules”. Appending the “Business” sends a strong signal that although this … Continue reading

Microsoft Data Quality Services

I recently held a session at Microsoft Campus Days 2012 introducing the use of Microsoft Data Quality Services (DQS) and Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) for making life easier in the task of keeping your data neat and tidy for reporting. Session here (in Danish). What I am going to answer here are some of … Continue reading

Spice up your BI with Big Data

In a previous blog post I asked rhetorically if Big Data is redefining BI? And of course I had a good feeling that it did. The feeling was based on the fact that we saw bits and pieces from different sources – including some from vendors whom you wouldn’t expect to be early movers. Essentially, … Continue reading

The paradox of BI strategy

In my previous blog post I outlined seven predictions for BI in Denmark and promised to comment on each of them. The first was: “The majority of companies still won’t have a BI strategy – nor will they define one” I also stated that the same companies continue to wonder why their BI initiatives fail. … Continue reading

Did you know? The Future of Business Is Now

If you do not know SAP have produced a video about how the future is here now. Watch it here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViCFJqVnAJE So what do you think is the future of business now? Or are you more skeptic about Mobile BI?

Microsoft BI Video (commercial)

Microsoft have tried to communicate Business Intelligence in a more simple fashion. Have a peak here and judge for yourself if they succeed: Microsoft BI Microsoft’s comments on the video: Companies today are awash in a sea of information. This ever-growing surge of data can cause uncertainty and bring on stormy and chaotic conditions for businesses. … Continue reading

Is Big Data redefining BI?

Most of us at Platon have been working with BI for many years, some even for decades. And we have seen it before – new disruptive technologies changing everything, or at least claiming it did. But this time I actually believe something is more disruptive as ever. The BI space has been its own little well … Continue reading

Embrace product data complexity or it will be the end of you

This blog presents an idea of how you can stand out amongst your peers. Can you spot it? Being data professionals we know that the product master is by far the most complex Master Data in a manufacturing or distribution organization. It’s usually also some of the most important data that they have. Yet most … Continue reading

Predictions for Business Intelligence in Denmark

A new year is often a new start where we promise ourselves to do better this year. It is also the season for predictions and you have probably already read some of these. However, most of these predictions address only megatrends applicable to most countries. So I will focus on BI predictions of Danish companies … Continue reading

A refreshing business oriented product certification

I’ve just returned from the Qlikview 11 beta certification test, Designer and Developer. For version 11, the certification method has been transformed from a full-scale application development case (taking 24-40 hours!) to a 2 hour (3 hours for beta version) multiple choice examination using Pearson VUE’s sites and technology. I do indeed appreciate saving 3-5 … Continue reading

Go go Data Governance!

Remember Inspector Gadget? As a cyborg detective he has all the tools he will ever need built right into his body. And simply by saying “go-go-gadget” he summons exactly what he needs in a given situation (which is usually fighting evil). What an ability! Imagine if it was that easy to get the right software … Continue reading

PASS 2011 debriefing

Normally this would be an internal note to colleagues about what went on at the recently held annual SQL Server user group conference. However since I personally signed up to be one of the Platon bloggers, this will be a public document instead, as some of the things here might be of general interest. To … Continue reading

Access to decision information anywhere, anytime

Employees are demanding visually compelling access to relevant information in their daily decision making. The success of smartphones and tablet PC’s shows, that we are increasingly demanding access to relevant information anywhere and anytime. Suppliers of information management solutions are rapidly developing solutions for mobile devices, but simply copying the user experience from desktop access to … Continue reading

The best performance management model in the world is probably Danish

What is the value of a performance management model? The global provider of market intelligence IDC has visited a number of organizations around the world to evaluate the value of the decision information provided to decision makers. IDC concludes, that a Danish company is in top position. The Danish company has realized a Return On … Continue reading

Blue Ocean Strategy tip: Transform how you transform the organization

In the next few days the conference Building Business Capabilities is being held in Florida bringing together more than 1000 attendees. I’m told it’s the best event of its kind because it brings all the experts and thought leaders in this field together. Yesterday I attended a session on Enterprise Business Analysis held by Jason … Continue reading

Does your IM solution deserve a AAA rating?

Ah users… they are the credit rating agencies that will decide whether your hard earned Information Management (IM) solution has any value, and yet they practically have no idea what is under the hood. The majority of them will have little to no awareness of the beautiful ETL processes that are merging and cleansing various … Continue reading

So you think you’re in control?

The story begins with a mail sent out to several employees and departments conveying the message, that over the weekend, a specific piece of information about all the company’s products would be moved from one field in the ERP system and into another field. It’s sent from a consultant (not from Platon :-)) who’s working … Continue reading

Are we really in control of data quality ?

In the past week the annual nordic IM conference IM2011 was held in Copenhagen with more than 200 participants, sponsors and both Danish and foreign speakers. One of the topics discussed was the reason why large BI projects typically tend to be especially challenging or even fail. Data quality and data providing were unsurprisingly highlighted as possible answers. … Continue reading

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