Kjell Wittmaack

Kjell Wittmaack is an industry expert and thought leader within the field of Information Management. As Partner Mr. Wittmaack heads up the advisory practice globally for Platon – the leading independent Information Management consulting company. Mr. Wittmaack advises clients across industries on Information Management issues, linking challenges, business strategy and practical execution. He is a frequent acknowledged speaker and panelist at conferences around the world.
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Embrace product data complexity or it will be the end of you

This blog presents an idea of how you can stand out amongst your peers. Can you spot it? Being data professionals we know that the product master is by far the most complex Master Data in a manufacturing or distribution organization. It’s usually also some of the most important data that they have. Yet most … Continue reading

Blue Ocean Strategy tip: Transform how you transform the organization

In the next few days the conference Building Business Capabilities is being held in Florida bringing together more than 1000 attendees. I’m told it’s the best event of its kind because it brings all the experts and thought leaders in this field together. Yesterday I attended a session on Enterprise Business Analysis held by Jason … Continue reading

The most common challenge we face, is the challenge that shouldn’t even exist

Recently McKinsey Global Institute published a report called “Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity”. They argue quite strongly for the impact organizations of the world can create for themselves by leveraging the data resources they have available. E.g. they argue that retailers can improve their operating margins with up to 60%! … Continue reading

IM2011 approaching – bring your management team!

During the Information Management conference this year I have a session about how you get your management to listen when you want to talk about Master Data Management (MDM). What I typically find is that senior management generally understands the concept of MDM and that it seems to make sense, but when it comes down … Continue reading

Information Management and Sex

Now this blog is perhaps not about what you hoped 🙂 – or maybe it is. Attending a number of IM related conferences over the years and lately here in Scandinavia, I have noticed something that perhaps is glaringly obvious but nevertheless odd. At least 80% of the people at such conferences are male. But when the … Continue reading

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