Thomas Holmen

I have a profound passion for technology and how we use it to transform our lives and businesses. As Principal Consultant for Platon, my mission is to improve the way companies manage and use information. My primary tool set holds Data Governance, Master Data Management, and SAP architecture and technology.
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Go go Data Governance!

Remember Inspector Gadget? As a cyborg detective he has all the tools he will ever need built right into his body. And simply by saying “go-go-gadget” he summons exactly what he needs in a given situation (which is usually fighting evil). What an ability! Imagine if it was that easy to get the right software … Continue reading

So you think you’re in control?

The story begins with a mail sent out to several employees and departments conveying the message, that over the weekend, a specific piece of information about all the company’s products would be moved from one field in the ERP system and into another field. It’s sent from a consultant (not from Platon :-)) who’s working … Continue reading

Competing with IKEA

I’ve just been summoned to speak at the Information Management conference 29 September in Stockholm, and I’m really looking forward to it. I want to give a direct, no non-sense, and example driven introduction to Data Governance and why it is so darn important. Hopefully that will be lots of fun and draw a few … Continue reading

Prevent senseless data capture

Last time I blogged a rallying cry to start capturing data. This time I write about when that might not make sense at all. I call it senseless data capture, and as this is a serious concern for businesses (more than for your own personal data capture), I give some advice on how to prevent … Continue reading

Go capture your data!

I recently read about this guy, who registers a lot of facts, raw data, about his everyday life. Examples include minute details about his travels, what he eats, listens to, etc., etc. And then he publishes this in an annual book, statistically processed and beautifully visualized. The whole thing smells of an art statement, reminding … Continue reading

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