Stig Torngaard

Stig is Platon Practice Director for Big Data. He is one of the leading consultants in Platon and has more than 20 years IT experience with 15 years dedicated to BI. Stig founded Platons Microsoft practice back in 2001 and has worked as architect in the Microsoft Information Management space since the introduction of SQL Server 2000. The last two years the focus has been on Big Data and Advanced Analytics aspects of Information Mangement
Stig Torngaard has written 8 posts for Information Management blog

Everyone please, Big Data needs reflection

Every year during the summer the news stream here in Scandinavia is heavily impacted by what we locals call ‘Agurketid’ (red. Cucumber Season), which is a time of year when the media seemingly have nothing to report on, so they cover silly little (and sometimes pointless) stories. There are many reasons for that, but regardless, … Continue reading

Spice up your BI with Big Data

In a previous blog post I asked rhetorically if Big Data is redefining BI? And of course I had a good feeling that it did. The feeling was based on the fact that we saw bits and pieces from different sources – including some from vendors whom you wouldn’t expect to be early movers. Essentially, … Continue reading

Is Big Data redefining BI?

Most of us at Platon have been working with BI for many years, some even for decades. And we have seen it before – new disruptive technologies changing everything, or at least claiming it did. But this time I actually believe something is more disruptive as ever. The BI space has been its own little well … Continue reading

Engaging BI experiences – nothing less

Times are exciting these days when working with user experiences. I’ve been working with BI (under difference acronyms though) since the mid-nineties. Initially the BI user base was focused around top management and specialists. The two user groups have not much in common except an interest for the same numbers. In the early days the … Continue reading

The Nature of Engagement

The last few weeks with my new IPhone inspired me to write about user experiences (UX). Now, the same objective experience is perceived different to different people. We know this from discussing movies, travel destinations etc. in our personal lives, but it certainly applies in our interaction with technology as well. The strange thing is … Continue reading

Curtain is up; Windows 8 revealed

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the coming version of Microsoft Windows under the theme Reimaging Windows. At the Build conference in Los Angeles Steven Sinofsky showed the experience, hardware samples and (most important) the developer perspective. I watched the three hour long keynote, which is long, but despite a few bugs it was exciting stuff! My initial … Continue reading

Expect the unexpected

Times are definitely changing. This applies for almost everyone, from people living in various regimes around the world, business landscapes and to our beloved IM market. Kinect was originally introduced for the Xbox, in order to make it (and gaming) appeal to a larger user base than the traditional hard core gamers. In IM space … Continue reading

Exponential Customer Satisfaction

A few days in Seattle always make my mind reflect a bit. Sharepoint was among the agenda topics for the visit and it that made me think back of my first Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) presentation back in the early days of Platon – at one of our first seminars (on e-Business Intelligence) held in … Continue reading

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