Peder J. Pedersen

Peder J. Pedersen is an industry expert and thought leader within the field of Information Management. As Partner Mr. Pedersen heads up the Implementation practice globally for Platon – the leading independent Information Management consulting company. Since mid-nineties Mr. Pedersen has been working with almost all aspects and disciplines within BI - from design over project management to managing the Global BI department at LEGO System. Now he advises clients across industries on Information Management issues and best practices with focus on the how to drive business value from the Information Management initiatives. He is speaker at conferences and seminars around the world.
Peder J. Pedersen has written 4 posts for Information Management blog

The paradox of BI strategy

In my previous blog post I outlined seven predictions for BI in Denmark and promised to comment on each of them. The first was: “The majority of companies still won’t have a BI strategy – nor will they define one” I also stated that the same companies continue to wonder why their BI initiatives fail. … Continue reading

Predictions for Business Intelligence in Denmark

A new year is often a new start where we promise ourselves to do better this year. It is also the season for predictions and you have probably already read some of these. However, most of these predictions address only megatrends applicable to most countries. So I will focus on BI predictions of Danish companies … Continue reading

Are you wasting money on BI?

“Four out of five are disappointed with BI” This was the headline in the newspaper Børsen a while ago. Having worked with BI for 16 years such statement of course triggers some reflection. Why has BI not been able to deliver on its promise – where did we as BI professionals fail? On the other … Continue reading

BI Development and the Wife Acceptance Factor

Most of us tech guys have been in the situation of moving in together with our girlfriend or wife just to learn that our beloved high quality AV equipment and large loudspeakers never even made it to the doorstep. “It is too ugly, too large, too inconvenient and too button..ized” were some of the arguments. … Continue reading

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