Mads Frank

Mads is director within Platon Denmark and member of the danish management board . With 15 years of experience within SAP information management consulting his primary focus is on implementation and general management of information management projects related to SAP and SAP BusinessObjects - as well as general information management advisory. Mads’ primary professional competences is centered within the traditional data warehouse deciplines as well as general project management and methodology development. Mads further more specializes within the integration of third party ETL and front-end technologies with SAP - including Microsoft, QlikView, Theobald, Business Objects, etc.
Mads Frank has written 3 posts for Information Management blog

Are we really in control of data quality ?

In the past week the annual nordic IM conference IM2011 was held in Copenhagen with more than 200 participants, sponsors and both Danish and foreign speakers. One of the topics discussed was the reason why large BI projects typically tend to be especially challenging or even fail. Data quality and data providing were unsurprisingly highlighted as possible answers. … Continue reading

Perspectives of the Mega Vendor – Part 2

In part one of this blog post, I introduced the aspects of mobility as one of the drivers for SAP’s BI and IM initiatives. In this second part I will focus on the perspectives related to in-memory appliances which seems to be pushed very agressively by SAP these days and wrap-up by adressing what’s to come. “SCOTTY I … Continue reading

Perspectives of the Mega Vendor – Part 1

“SAP Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management Software by Top Industry Analyst Firm”…http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sap-named-worldwide-market-share-leader-in-business-intelligence-analytics-and-performance-management-software-by-top-industry-analyst-firm-92282999.html If we like it or not there is no way around it !. SAP has moved into the mega vendor leuage with their BI investments. Following the acquisition of Business Objects four years ago, there have as such … Continue reading

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