Jesper Wittendorff

With many years of experience in implementing Performance Management (PM) and BI solutions at large nordic Companies I am now working as a Senior Consultant at Platon. I have participated in all parts of projects from the buying process over design and implemenation to education and rollout to endusers. At this blog I will share some tips and good advice with you, to use in your own work with Information Management. Enjoy...
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Microsoft Data Quality Services

I recently held a session at Microsoft Campus Days 2012 introducing the use of Microsoft Data Quality Services (DQS) and Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) for making life easier in the task of keeping your data neat and tidy for reporting. Session here (in Danish). What I am going to answer here are some of … Continue reading

Closing the gap between ”Using” and ”Taking advantage of”

In the later years the difference between Performance Management and BI software from different vendors has become smaller. All the products on the market can handle the data and present it nicely to the end users. Earlier you could differentiate by comparing features – today you have several suites to choose from with a complete … Continue reading

Do you prefer Red or Blue for Government?

Right now the election is running at its highest here, this is however not an attempt to affect your opinion of who to vote for. What I think is interesting is comparing the election campaign with running a business. Long time before the campaign really starts; all parties have come up with their plan of … Continue reading

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