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Did you know? The Future of Business Is Now

If you do not know SAP have produced a video about how the future is here now. Watch it here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViCFJqVnAJE So what do you think is the future of business now? Or are you more skeptic about Mobile BI? Advertisements

Microsoft BI Video (commercial)

Microsoft have tried to communicate Business Intelligence in a more simple fashion. Have a peak here and judge for yourself if they succeed: Microsoft BI Microsoft’s comments on the video: Companies today are awash in a sea of information. This ever-growing surge of data can cause uncertainty and bring on stormy and chaotic conditions for businesses. … Continue reading

Is data the new oil?

1 1/2 year ago on our yearly Information Management conferences we presented an opening video called “Is data the new oil?”. Although not especially new it is still very much relevant, as we see information used more and more as a competitive driver for organizations both big and small. Watch the video here: Is data the … Continue reading

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