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Data…Who Cares?! Part two

Part two In my previous post I argued that the term “Data” is a barrier to linking Business Processes and Business Rules to … well “Business Data” and that as a consequence of this “missing link” it is difficult to involve the business (and not IT) as the key responsible for “Business Data”. We have … Continue reading

Data…Who Cares?! Part one

Part One There is no “Data”. There is only and always “Business Data”. Why this distinction? Well truth be told, “Data” is not sexy. It carries the geeky scent of IT. Nobody talks about “Processes” or “Rules”; it is always “Business Processes” or “Business Rules”. Appending the “Business” sends a strong signal that although this … Continue reading

Microsoft Data Quality Services

I recently held a session at Microsoft Campus Days 2012 introducing the use of Microsoft Data Quality Services (DQS) and Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) for making life easier in the task of keeping your data neat and tidy for reporting. Session here (in Danish). What I am going to answer here are some of … Continue reading

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