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Predictions for Business Intelligence in Denmark

A new year is often a new start where we promise ourselves to do better this year. It is also the season for predictions and you have probably already read some of these. However, most of these predictions address only megatrends applicable to most countries. So I will focus on BI predictions of Danish companies / market.

By the end of 2012 all companies:

  • will have a strategy / plan supported by a BI program
  • have built a solid data warehouse foundation
  • have implemented a BI project model promoting best practices
  • have leveraged Collaborative BI tools and approaches
  • use advanced analytics
  • incorporate unstructured information into solutions
  • have an active and well trained user community

Ok- back to reality…the above statements was just a nice dream…

First of all a disclaimer: I’m not always right. When I started doing BI solutions in the early nineties, I strongly believed that in a year or two, most companies would do data mining, statistical analysis and exception reporting using various ways to communicate alerts. Today, most BI solutions are still about showing actuals next to budgets.

To make this blog even more buzz word compliant, I could write predictions about In-Memory Mobile BI, BIG data and Cloud. However, as you’ve probably already read these predictions, I will only address one technology related prediction, and instead focus on the organizational approach to BI. In this post I will just give you the headlines and then I will elaborate further on each headline in future posts.

1) The majority of companies still won’t have a BI strategy – nor will they define one

The same companies continue to wonder why their BI initiatives fail.

2) More organizations will promote and support self-service BI – some for the wrong reasons

Enabling users to do it themselves without having to rely on IT is good. But if we for political reasons use this argument to reduce IT cost by moving the cost into the business it is not good. Having 10 users developing the same report that previously would have been made once by IT is not better.

3) More tactical solutions will emerge

Despite the fact that more companies pursue a one-company-and-shared-process philosophy the number of tactical/departmental solutions will increase.

4) We will see an increased focus on agility

–  and some will use it as an excuse for skipping the boring things like requirement specification, data quality assessment and test cases.

5) The majority of companies will continue to have higher focus on cost reduction than business benefits

Example: how much time do you spend on project budget/cost versus time spend on measuring actual benefits after go live?

6) The majority of companies will create BICC’s where IT and business people will drive and operate the BI initiative together

This can be physical or virtual organizations – but it is important to ensure collaboration.

7) It will become increasingly difficult to maintain a single-tool/vendor strategy on the front end and BI platform in general

One size does not fit all user types – even for the traditional front end tools. And with emerging technologies to support collaboration, advanced analytics and decisions automation it is a cannot-win-battle to strive for one vender (sorry IT guys)

In summary – if you have promised to do better in 2012 – also within BI , then ask yourself how you are doing on the above topics.


About Peder J. Pedersen

Peder J. Pedersen is an industry expert and thought leader within the field of Information Management. As Partner Mr. Pedersen heads up the Implementation practice globally for Platon – the leading independent Information Management consulting company. Since mid-nineties Mr. Pedersen has been working with almost all aspects and disciplines within BI - from design over project management to managing the Global BI department at LEGO System. Now he advises clients across industries on Information Management issues and best practices with focus on the how to drive business value from the Information Management initiatives. He is speaker at conferences and seminars around the world.


2 thoughts on “Predictions for Business Intelligence in Denmark

  1. I will be in Denmark from the 29th of March to the 9th of April and would interested in meeting you and those interesting in learning more about our photonic switching using 3D MEMS for optical cross connect, monitoring and testing. I represent Calient Technologies and am VP for Sales in Global Public Sector.

    Thanks! I hope you don’t mind this forum for introducing myself.


    Posted by Glenn Stern | February 11, 2012, 18:57
    • Hi Glenn

      Thank you for your comment and your offer. Your products is not really our specialty so we would be probably be wasting your time.

      But thank you for reading our blog and please keep it up:)


      Erasmus Holm
      Marketing Manager

      Posted by erasmusholm | February 14, 2012, 16:14

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