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A refreshing business oriented product certification

I’ve just returned from the Qlikview 11 beta certification test, Designer and Developer. For version 11, the certification method has been transformed from a full-scale application development case (taking 24-40 hours!) to a 2 hour (3 hours for beta version) multiple choice examination using Pearson VUE’s sites and technology. I do indeed appreciate saving 3-5 work days.

Where the typical multiple choice certifications are incredibly technical and product specific, I found this certification much more relevant to the real world deployment in a broader perspective. Being a successful Business Intelligence (BI) consultant is not just about memorizing product features and swiping around drop-down menus. The core success criteria are eventually whether your solution lives up to the clients expectations.

Surprisingly, many of the 105 questions evolved around how to choose the right KPI’s, dimension, measures, figures and functionality, to match the customer´s specific business objectives. While the text-rich cases made the sub 2-minutes per question response time fly, I by far prefer the challenge of stretching my mind on creating software/business synergies. It makes so much more sense measuring our skills on how to use software functionality to solve real business questions, than elaborating on how string functions and buttons work.

I find that this kind of holistic competence evaluation, taking both technical skills and business insight into consideration, is the best way to ensure a proper client satisfaction. Eventually it is up to the software producers to ensure a well-rounded certification. It must give the recipients the necessary skill set to take the solution from data transformation to business decisions.


About Frederik Svend Andersen

Frederik is an enthusiast within technology and holistic use of information in daily life and business. As a consultant at Platon he gets the opportunity to pursue his IM interests and share his passion with colleagues and clients.


2 thoughts on “A refreshing business oriented product certification

  1. Hi Frederik,

    Thanks for the post. As you said, the QV 11 beta exam was much real-time scenario based. Around 60 – 80 questions were scenario type and giving us real food for thought. I appreciate the way the question paper was set.

    Do you have any idea when the exam resuls will be out? I took the exam on 31-Dec-2011.


    Posted by Bhaskar | February 2, 2012, 05:11
    • Hi Bhaskar
      I haven’t seen anything more specific than “4-6 weeks after the test” on Vue’s website. The last examination date was the 4th of January, so I expect the results to arrive from now on until the middle of February. As the test scoring is processed automatically, everyone should receive their answers simultaneously.

      Posted by Frederik Svend Andersen | February 8, 2012, 10:25

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