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Predictions for Business Intelligence in Denmark

A new year is often a new start where we promise ourselves to do better this year. It is also the season for predictions and you have probably already read some of these. However, most of these predictions address only megatrends applicable to most countries. So I will focus on BI predictions of Danish companies … Continue reading

A refreshing business oriented product certification

I’ve just returned from the Qlikview 11 beta certification test, Designer and Developer. For version 11, the certification method has been transformed from a full-scale application development case (taking 24-40 hours!) to a 2 hour (3 hours for beta version) multiple choice examination using Pearson VUE’s sites and technology. I do indeed appreciate saving 3-5 … Continue reading

Go go Data Governance!

Remember Inspector Gadget? As a cyborg detective he has all the tools he will ever need built right into his body. And simply by saying “go-go-gadget” he summons exactly what he needs in a given situation (which is usually fighting evil). What an ability! Imagine if it was that easy to get the right software … Continue reading

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