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Access to decision information anywhere, anytime

Employees are demanding visually compelling access to relevant information in their daily decision making. The success of smartphones and tablet PC’s shows, that we are increasingly demanding access to relevant information anywhere and anytime. Suppliers of information management solutions are rapidly developing solutions for mobile devices, but simply copying the user experience from desktop access to information to the mobile devices will not do the trick.

In our experience success in accessing information starts with understanding the user experience preferences of individual user groups, and typically mobile devices are relevant in supplementing other devices in accessing relevant information. In the information age the key is to break through the filtering mechanism of the users imposed to prevent information over-load. Lionel Messi will not be more successful by receiving real-time updates on his mobile device, while he is playing.

For the user, the user experience is the product. User experiences should be:

  • Valuable
  • Accessible
  • Usable
  • Findable
  • Desirable
  • Comprehensible
  • Credible

The user experience is evaluated favorably, if accessing the relevant information is appealing and delivered in right-time. User experiences create value for the organization, when the information is linked to the strategy encouraging positive actions when connecting with colleagues and external parties anywhere, anytime.

We have assisted many organizations in designing for user experiences, and the potential for business improvements is significant, but unfortunately primarily the already successful organizations with an ambition level of becoming world-class are prioritizing continually improving user experiences.

All organizations will benefit from prioritizing user experience requirements supporting the strategy, and why say no to this?


About Bo Einersen

Bo Einersen acts as trusted advisor for organizations focused on enabling strategic and day-to-day decision processes with high quality information. With relentless focus on continuous business improvements Bo Einersen has specialized in Business Intelligence, analysis of business requirements, program management, rollout and change management, performance management, designing strategy maps to improve transparency and designing forecasting, budgeting and benchmarking models


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