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Does your IM solution deserve a AAA rating?

Ah users… they are the credit rating agencies that will decide whether your hard earned Information Management (IM) solution has any value, and yet they practically have no idea what is under the hood. The majority of them will have little to no awareness of the beautiful ETL processes that are merging and cleansing various … Continue reading

So you think you’re in control?

The story begins with a mail sent out to several employees and departments conveying the message, that over the weekend, a specific piece of information about all the company’s products would be moved from one field in the ERP system and into another field. It’s sent from a consultant (not from Platon :-)) who’s working … Continue reading

Are we really in control of data quality ?

In the past week the annual nordic IM conference IM2011 was held in Copenhagen with more than 200 participants, sponsors and both Danish and foreign speakers. One of the topics discussed was the reason why large BI projects typically tend to be especially challenging or even fail. Data quality and data providing were unsurprisingly highlighted as possible answers. … Continue reading

The most common challenge we face, is the challenge that shouldn’t even exist

Recently McKinsey Global Institute published a report called “Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity”. They argue quite strongly for the impact organizations of the world can create for themselves by leveraging the data resources they have available. E.g. they argue that retailers can improve their operating margins with up to 60%! … Continue reading

Closing the gap between ”Using” and ”Taking advantage of”

In the later years the difference between Performance Management and BI software from different vendors has become smaller. All the products on the market can handle the data and present it nicely to the end users. Earlier you could differentiate by comparing features – today you have several suites to choose from with a complete … Continue reading

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