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Curtain is up; Windows 8 revealed

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the coming version of Microsoft Windows under the theme Reimaging Windows. At the Build conference in Los Angeles Steven Sinofsky showed the experience, hardware samples and (most important) the developer perspective. I watched the three hour long keynote, which is long, but despite a few bugs it was exciting stuff!

My initial opinion is that Microsoft really want to do it right. They have a lot of things that comes together in Windows 8 that most people don’t think of. The theme is “Reimaging Windows” and it certainly lived up to that.

Generally the new touch interface is based on Metro Style as known by the few using Windows Phone. Our own focus in Platon on creating better user experience goes well in hand with the customers’ expectations when they get a Windows 8 device in their hands. And by device I really mean multiple devices running the same operating system. And in hands I mean “Touch first”. Keyboard and Mouse will not go away, but we will start to have hybrid interaction with the devices in a mix of multiple controls i.e. pens, tablets, touch and in multiple contexts.

I’m sure that the coming time will reveal much more interesting news in this area with a billion users, but if you can’t wait have a go at the Keynote video, check out the Windows Blog or have a peek at Twitter using #bldwin hash tag.

Have fun!


About Stig Torngaard

Stig is Platon Practice Director for Big Data. He is one of the leading consultants in Platon and has more than 20 years IT experience with 15 years dedicated to BI. Stig founded Platons Microsoft practice back in 2001 and has worked as architect in the Microsoft Information Management space since the introduction of SQL Server 2000. The last two years the focus has been on Big Data and Advanced Analytics aspects of Information Mangement


2 thoughts on “Curtain is up; Windows 8 revealed

  1. Hello,
    Windows 8 will help move Microsoft from the bottom of the pack to a spot where they can once again compete for industry influence in the mobile world. Java and HTML will play a larger and larger role in the development of mobile apps.


    Posted by Watermark Video | December 15, 2011, 13:30
  2. Hello,

    Windows 8 has a picture password feature that enables you to get into your system by swiping any invisible gesture using a picture to orient yourself.

    Michael Smith

    Posted by Virtual Assistant Work | December 26, 2011, 13:10

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