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IM2011 approaching – bring your management team!

During the Information Management conference this year I have a session about how you get your management to listen when you want to talk about Master Data Management (MDM).

What I typically find is that senior management generally understands the concept of MDM and that it seems to make sense, but when it comes down to how it may benefit their company in the short term they draw a blank. Not a good situation if you are looking to them for sponsorship.

I believe that MDM needs to be a fundamental capability in any organization – but if you can’t explain why it’s the right thing to do in a language that everybody understands, I strongly advise you to not even start.

So what to do? How do you even get started then? This is exactly the question I will be suggesting some answers to in my session. So if you can convince your management team to come you’re off to a good start.

See you there!


About Kjell Wittmaack

Kjell Wittmaack is an industry expert and thought leader within the field of Information Management. As Partner Mr. Wittmaack heads up the advisory practice globally for Platon – the leading independent Information Management consulting company. Mr. Wittmaack advises clients across industries on Information Management issues, linking challenges, business strategy and practical execution. He is a frequent acknowledged speaker and panelist at conferences around the world.


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