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Engaging BI experiences – nothing less

Times are exciting these days when working with user experiences. I’ve been working with BI (under difference acronyms though) since the mid-nineties. Initially the BI user base was focused around top management and specialists. The two user groups have not much in common except an interest for the same numbers. In the early days the … Continue reading

The Nature of Engagement

The last few weeks with my new IPhone inspired me to write about user experiences (UX). Now, the same objective experience is perceived different to different people. We know this from discussing movies, travel destinations etc. in our personal lives, but it certainly applies in our interaction with technology as well. The strange thing is … Continue reading

Curtain is up; Windows 8 revealed

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the coming version of Microsoft Windows under the theme Reimaging Windows. At the Build conference in Los Angeles Steven Sinofsky showed the experience, hardware samples and (most important) the developer perspective. I watched the three hour long keynote, which is long, but despite a few bugs it was exciting stuff! My initial … Continue reading

IM2011 approaching – bring your management team!

During the Information Management conference this year I have a session about how you get your management to listen when you want to talk about Master Data Management (MDM). What I typically find is that senior management generally understands the concept of MDM and that it seems to make sense, but when it comes down … Continue reading

Do you prefer Red or Blue for Government?

Right now the election is running at its highest here, this is however not an attempt to affect your opinion of who to vote for. What I think is interesting is comparing the election campaign with running a business. Long time before the campaign really starts; all parties have come up with their plan of … Continue reading

Are you wasting money on BI?

“Four out of five are disappointed with BI” This was the headline in the newspaper Børsen a while ago. Having worked with BI for 16 years such statement of course triggers some reflection. Why has BI not been able to deliver on its promise – where did we as BI professionals fail? On the other … Continue reading

Competing with IKEA

I’ve just been summoned to speak at the Information Management conference 29 September in Stockholm, and I’m really looking forward to it. I want to give a direct, no non-sense, and example driven introduction to Data Governance and why it is so darn important. Hopefully that will be lots of fun and draw a few … Continue reading

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