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Exponential Customer Satisfaction

A few days in Seattle always make my mind reflect a bit. Sharepoint was among the agenda topics for the visit and it that made me think back of my first Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) presentation back in the early days of Platon – at one of our first seminars (on e-Business Intelligence) held in Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen in 2000. I recall that around a hundred participants showed up, probably because anything with an “e” in front in those days just worked – marketing wise. Even for those days that was quite impressive, but the fact that (as far as I recall) we only implemented a single EIP solution in the following years, and we even had to withdraw the solution as the software did not work correctly, makes the e-hype quite scary.

Today we live in completely different reality. We have to deliver customer value in every project. Luckily we generally have software that works and integrates quite well. During my visit in Seattle I was briefed about a recent Sharepoint study Microsoft had completed. It showed that impressive 50% of the enterprise customers buy Sharepoint because of BI capabilities in Sharepoint! And customers are quite happy about what they got. Customers also indicated even greater satisfaction with Sharepoint when additional solutions were deployed – actually exponential development in customer satisfaction with the number of solutions (or workloads) deployed to Sharepoint. This was nice music in my ears and emphasizes that the Enterprise Information Portal is back. It is also very much in line with my own experience from my latest Sharepoint customer engagements in Norway and Denmark. The very recent of my examples is from Norway. It’s an “old” Platon customer who wants to deliver value through information in integrated experiences. The business people were actually “fighting” about whom should pick up the consulting ticket from us… nothing new here? Yes it’s very new – these users were actually discussing because they all wanted to pick up the bill – in order to own the Sharepoint success.

Let’s all strive for exponential customer satisfaction in all our work – with or without Sharepoint!


About Stig Torngaard

Stig is Platon Practice Director for Big Data. He is one of the leading consultants in Platon and has more than 20 years IT experience with 15 years dedicated to BI. Stig founded Platons Microsoft practice back in 2001 and has worked as architect in the Microsoft Information Management space since the introduction of SQL Server 2000. The last two years the focus has been on Big Data and Advanced Analytics aspects of Information Mangement


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