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Information Management and Sex

Now this blog is perhaps not about what you hoped 🙂 – or maybe it is.

Attending a number of IM related conferences over the years and lately here in Scandinavia, I have noticed something that perhaps is glaringly obvious but nevertheless odd. At least 80% of the people at such conferences are male. But when the session topics are around organization, roles, data modeling and other not-so-technical-stuff the mix is radically different – the majority of the attendees are normally female. Why is that? (BTW I see the same pattern when looking at the IM people employed with our clients…).

Why are so many women drawn to these softer subjects – and why are so few men? And vice versa? Is there something all of us can learn from this in our quests for success?

I suspect the answer is yes. But I’d really like your input. So especially to all the women out there (who seem to be the minority in all of this), what do you think? And guys, do chip in as well.

Kind regards

Kjell Wittmaack


About Kjell Wittmaack

Kjell Wittmaack is an industry expert and thought leader within the field of Information Management. As Partner Mr. Wittmaack heads up the advisory practice globally for Platon – the leading independent Information Management consulting company. Mr. Wittmaack advises clients across industries on Information Management issues, linking challenges, business strategy and practical execution. He is a frequent acknowledged speaker and panelist at conferences around the world.


One thought on “Information Management and Sex

  1. Kjell, I think you make a very valid observation and one that I too have noticed at conferences and data networking events. I would tend to go with the widely held opinion that women generally tend to be better at the softer skills. However, in contrast to this I have noticed that there are not very many females working in Data Governance and that is predominantly about soft skills. Perhaps there is a perception that Data Governance in more “techy” than it really is?

    Posted by Nicola Askham | August 25, 2011, 13:56

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