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Perspectives of the Mega Vendor – Part 2

In part one of this blog post, I introduced the aspects of mobility as one of the drivers for SAP’s BI and IM initiatives. In this second part I will focus on the perspectives related to in-memory appliances which seems to be pushed very agressively by SAP these days and wrap-up by adressing what’s to come. “SCOTTY I … Continue reading

Prevent senseless data capture

Last time I blogged a rallying cry to start capturing data. This time I write about when that might not make sense at all. I call it senseless data capture, and as this is a serious concern for businesses (more than for your own personal data capture), I give some advice on how to prevent … Continue reading

Expect the unexpected

Times are definitely changing. This applies for almost everyone, from people living in various regimes around the world, business landscapes and to our beloved IM market. Kinect was originally introduced for the Xbox, in order to make it (and gaming) appeal to a larger user base than the traditional hard core gamers. In IM space … Continue reading

Go capture your data!

I recently read about this guy, who registers a lot of facts, raw data, about his everyday life. Examples include minute details about his travels, what he eats, listens to, etc., etc. And then he publishes this in an annual book, statistically processed and beautifully visualized. The whole thing smells of an art statement, reminding … Continue reading

Perspectives of the Mega Vendor – Part 1

“SAP Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management Software by Top Industry Analyst Firm”…http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sap-named-worldwide-market-share-leader-in-business-intelligence-analytics-and-performance-management-software-by-top-industry-analyst-firm-92282999.html If we like it or not there is no way around it !. SAP has moved into the mega vendor leuage with their BI investments. Following the acquisition of Business Objects four years ago, there have as such … Continue reading

Exponential Customer Satisfaction

A few days in Seattle always make my mind reflect a bit. Sharepoint was among the agenda topics for the visit and it that made me think back of my first Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) presentation back in the early days of Platon – at one of our first seminars (on e-Business Intelligence) held in … Continue reading

BI Development and the Wife Acceptance Factor

Most of us tech guys have been in the situation of moving in together with our girlfriend or wife just to learn that our beloved high quality AV equipment and large loudspeakers never even made it to the doorstep. “It is too ugly, too large, too inconvenient and too button..ized” were some of the arguments. … Continue reading

Information Management and Sex

Now this blog is perhaps not about what you hoped 🙂 – or maybe it is. Attending a number of IM related conferences over the years and lately here in Scandinavia, I have noticed something that perhaps is glaringly obvious but nevertheless odd. At least 80% of the people at such conferences are male. But when the … Continue reading

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